Ultrasonic Cleaners

Tri-Clean ultrasonic cleaners by BrandMax provide superior cleaning power which results in cleaner instruments. All Tri-Clean ultrasonic units come standard with heating element,cycle time controller and stainless steel basket,there is no need to pay extra for these valuable options …Read More »

Triple Enzyme Cleaners

BrandMax Triple Enzymatic Cleaners provide superior cleaning power to effectively remove all types of bio-burden. Our proprietary ultrasonic cleaning solutions have a blend of Protease, Amylase & Lipase enzymes and pleasant lavender fragrance which will leave your instruments cleaner …Read More »

About Us

BrandMax is focused on providing infection prevention products with a specific focus on instrument care and cleaning. Our ultimate vision is to help you produce cleaner instruments, prolong instrument life and improve infection prevention by utilizing our Tri-Clean Ecosystem

So ask yourself….are your instruments BrandMax Clean? Call BrandMax today!

Instrument Cleaning

3 Basic Steps for Effective Instrument Cleaning

Instrument Pre-soak

Purpose of this step is to prevent bio-burden from hardening which makes the instruments difficult to clean, increases cleaning time and can cause pitting and damage to instruments.

Cleaning Process

Purpose of this step is to clean the entire surface area of instrument to ensure an effective sterilization.

Prep for Sterilization

Place cleaned instruments in a Sterilization Pouch
(Note: place hinged instruments in the open position).


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