Triple Enzyme Cleaners

Tri-Clean Enzymatic Cleaners provide superior cleaning power to effectively remove bio-burden. Our proprietary blend of enzymes and pleasant lavender fragrance will leave your instruments cleaner and work area refreshed! Combine Tri-Clean Ultrasonic Cleaners with Tri-Clean Enzymatic Cleaners for the Ultimate Cleaning Solution!

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Proprietary blend of Protease, Amylase and Lipase enzymes Effective cleaning and removal of bio-burden
Proprietary surfactant blend to reduce surface tension Wetting action assists in lifting away bio- burden leaving your instruments cleaner
Neutral pH, non-corrosive and contains rust inhibitors Safe for all instruments, metals and surfaces
Soothing color and fragrance Clear visibility of soiled instruments and a refreshing aroma for your work environment
100% made in the USA From raw materials to finished product 100% made in the USA!
BEC32S 32 oz. Ready-To-Use Foam Spray ready-to-use 12 quarts / case
BEC32PM 32oz Concentrate, Pre-measure 1 oz. per gallon 12 quarts / case
BEC1 Gallon, Concentrate 1 oz. per gallon 4 gallons / case
GP-25 Pump for gallon size, dispenses
1oz of solution per pump
n/a 1 each

Ultrasonic Cleaner Video

How do you maximize enzymatic activity?

Heating enzymatic cleaning solution to the appropriate temperature will maximize enzymatic activity which can minimize cleaning time and produce cleaner instruments!