3 Basic Steps for Effective Instrument Cleaning


Instrument Pre-soak

Purpose of this step is to prevent bio-burden from hardening which makes the instruments difficult to clean, increases cleaning time and can cause pitting and damage to instruments.

  • Safely transport instruments to facility decontamination area.
  • Spray and completely cover instruments with BrandMax Tri-Clean™ Triple Enzyme Foam
  • Do not allow bio-burden to dry, re-apply as necessary
  • Rinse instruments thoroughly


Cleaning Process

Purpose of this step is to clean the entire surface area of instrument to ensure an effective sterilization.

  • Add 1 oz. per gallon of water of BrandMax Tri-Clean™ Triple Enzymatic cleaner.
  • Prepare your ultrasonic cleaner by heating to 110˚F and degas for 15 minutes prior to use each day. (Note: temperature not to exceed 120˚F).
  • Carefully add soiled instruments to the ultrasonic tank and set timer for 10 – 15 minutes. (Note: for heavily soiled instruments, longer soaking time may be necessary).
  • Carefully remove and rinse instruments thoroughly using drain transport device.
  • Air or pat dry instruments with clean towel. (Note: non-looped absorbent Huck towel is common).
  • Visually inspect instruments to confirm thorough cleaning, if debris is present repeat cleaning process.


Prep for Sterilization

  • Place cleaned instruments in a Sterilization Pouch. (Note: place hinged instruments in the open position).
  • Place sealed instrument packages in the sterilizer per your facility’s protocol.


BrandMax. Tri-Clean™ Triple Enzymatic Cleaners:

BEC32S – Triple Enzymatic Foam, Ready-to-Use Spray [Quart]

BEC1 – Triple Enzymatic Cleaner Concentrate [Gallon]

BEC32PM – Triple Enzymatic Cleaner Concentrate, Pre-Measure [Quart]


Why is heat important?

Heat maximizes enzymatic activity which helps your cleaning process be more effective (note: temperature not to exceed 120˚F).

DO use demineralized water.

DO replace enzymatic solution at least daily or when visibly soiled.